Monday, December 3, 2007

What is a blog?

Lee and Sachi LeFever of The Common Craft Show have produced Blogs in Plain English an easy-to-understand introduction to "What is a blog?"

The video describes blogs as sharing news ("Isn't everything news to someone?"). Michele Martin of The Bamboo Project Blog says "The only thing I think is missing is a discussion of blogs as a learning tool."

I, too, want to expand their definintion of blogging. Blogs (for me) are more like conversations. I see blogging as a way to:

  • Share knowledge and thoughts.
  • Share my passion and interests.
  • Learn.
  • Support learning.
  • Provide continuous timely, pertinent, and response.
  • Build professional relationships.
  • Build professional reputations.

The video, Blogs in Plain English, is a nice, brief introduction to blogging. Enjoy.


Lovekandinsky said...

Hi Anne--I agree completely with your list! It isn't just about news, although that's certainly a starting point. It gets much bigger than that, and I think you're absolutely right that it is a big part of personal branding and the development of your professional reputation. Thanks for the additional insights!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments, Michele. What is interesting is that I haven't really thought about blogging as blogging news--albeit that is where the most popular blogs seem to be.

I want to explore (and test) blogging as a way to support learning more thoroughly.

I've been reading your site and I like your insights.