Sunday, December 9, 2007

Resources to explain Web 2.0

In a recent post, Beth Kanter in her keynote: Nonprofits in the Age of Social Networks, has provided her slideshow for her keynote and the notes. Additionally, a wiki which holds notes for the conference is also provided.

Because I often struggle to articulate Web 2.0 tools and concepts, I find resources like these helpful. In particular, Holly Ross' keynote, Lose Control: Why and How Web 2.0 Matters to Nonprofits is an interesting way of presenting Web 2.0.

Have fun investigating these resources!


Floyd Davenport said...


Best definition of web 2.0 I've heard comes from this YouTube video of Tim O'Reilly...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link...I think the 50 second video is excellent. I particularly like "...Users add value."