Monday, February 4, 2008

Free blog workshop (for February)

According to Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, Atomic Learning is giving away their blogging workshop called "Learn to Blog" for the month of February.

Tim Warner created a great introductory course with 2 minute lessons. He specifically uses Blogger as the blogging software and the education community as the target audience.

For someone who has never blogged, you may want to look at these instructions as examples of the processes you would use in any type of blogging software. For me, I learned a few techniques I had not used before, though I have been blogging for a year.

For someone who is considering blogging, but not yet settled on Blogger, I would recommend taking the lessons in this order.

A. Blogging Basics
B. Choosing a Blog Subject
C. Selecting a Blog Hosting Solution
I. Formatting and Editing Your Posts

J. Using Hyperlinks
K. Posting Images
M. Managing Blog Archiving
O. Team Blogging
R. Additional Resources for Educators

You can pick up the other parts of the workshop if you decide to use Blogger.

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