Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reading is not dead--just changing

Reading reading online and with technological devices has changed the way we read. Howard Gardner explains how literacy has changed through time (not dying, but is different) in The End of Literacy? Don't Stop Reading in the Washington Post.

The most compelling statement is at the end of the article.

But whatever our digital future brings, we need to overcome the perils of dualistic thinking, the notion that what lies ahead is either a utopia or a dystopia. If we're going to make sense of what's happening with literacy in our culture, we need to be able to triangulate: to bear in mind our needs and desires, the media as they once were and currently are, and the media as they're continually transforming. 

I found the article link on The Web Difference, a blog for a Harvard Law class (2008). Tags: ,,,


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