Friday, February 22, 2008

Strength of relationships is based on trust

Lynette Spicer asked us to share stories of civility. Here is one. Though, sometimes, I don't know how to separate behaviors that indicate civility, courtesy, character, and leadership.

I do know how to recognize people who are understand basic principles of character and integrity. The ones who impress me the most are the young people. They encourage us by showing us that they understand basic principles of living life and working in the real world--sometimes better than those who are more experienced and older.

Brett Pohlman, a senior of Auburn University's public relations program, in his post, A Rocky Road, shows he understands that working with people, particularly in the public relations arena, is based on trust and relationships.

As PR professionals it is our duty to be upfront with our clients and to do the best job that we possibly can… ethically. Unethical PR will not help us or our clients in the long run.

Ethical PR is based around trust and relationships. Neither of those can be valid if a PR professional lies to its publics.

Some may think that Brett is being naive. However, it is clear he understands that public relations is about the relations which are about trust.

I bet that Brett also understands that the strength of all relationships is built on trust.

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