Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Future of my blogging

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This is my last post, in reflecting on my first year of blogging. I not only need to evaluate my first year of blogging, but I also need to consider the future of my blogging.

Where do I want to go with my blogging? What do I want to learn and write about? For this next year, I want to post more. In those posts, I want to include:

1. instructional posts

I want to write more on helping beginner bloggers. Specifically, I hope to cover these blogging topics:

  • web analytics.
  • linking.
  • embedding graphics, videos, and presentations from other sites.
  • writing for search engines.
  • comparing writing in short posts and longer explanations.

2. people stories.

Anything we do, we do for and with people. People are fascinating and inspiring. Telling stories about people helps connect concepts with readers. After all, it is about people, not the technologies. I want to write how people have used technologies for improve processes or improve lives.

Additionally, I want to write about people who make a difference.

3. conceptual and idea kinds of posts, possibly, some "what if" posts.

Trying to convey concepts in a way that invokes ideas is something that I struggle with. Gosh darn it, I wish I was better at that. I will keep trying.

4. posts on what I am learning.

I am not sure what I am going to learn. I do know I want to investigate these specific topics more deeply:

5. posts on using social media.

The more I used social media the more I know that I cannot rely on only 1 or 2 tools to communicate. Each tool has a purpose. Some of the newer social media tools open opportunities to communities, learning, and people, but are not full replacement for traditional electronic tools. For instance, email is a good tool for some asynchronous messages. It is, however, often used for the wrong purpose. Instant messaging, blogging, collaboration tools, such as Google docs and wikis, serve us better for some communications and activities.

I want to write more about the importance of using social media technologies, particularly social bookmarking, wikis, Twitter, and any other useful tool I happen to try.

What do you want me to investigate? What topics do you want me to cover in my blog?

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