Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Extension Blog: Extension Mission

Jim Langcuster has created a blog specifically describing examples that fulfill Cooperative Extension's mission. Jim is also known as ACES-wikiman and the author of the first full-length Wikipedia article about a state Cooperative Extension organization.

Jim's understanding of history, sociological changes, and Extension impact will provide informative and enlightening reading about Cooperative Extension’s work and challenges.

His latest article compares the news media's challenges to Cooperative Extension challenges in staying relevant. His question is one we should all be asking.

"..how will Cooperative Extension, an organization nurtured within an early 20th century social, cultural and technological context, strive to remain relevant in the client-driven and increasingly socially networked world of the 21st century?"

Enjoy "Mission Extension: The Weblog"!

1 comment:

Eli Sagor said...

Jim's blog looks excellent! Thank you Anne for sharing it. I was just about to subscribe, then thought it would fit best on your Extension Pageflakes pagecast, which I view regularly.

If you agree, please add the feed to that page. If not, I'll subscribe separately. But for me it would be nice to have all of my Extension blogs in one place.

Thanks again Anne for the post!