Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Extension professionals and their passion

I have often said that Cooperative Extension is one of the best organizations to work for and with. Why? Because individuals are passionate about helping people and sharing their knowledge.

4PsIt is Extension professionals' passion for their work which makes them great candidates to blog. Maggie Lawrence in her guest blog points out the most crucial element of blogging is passion. Blogging is a perfect fit for most Extension professionals.

The other elements of blogging, Personality, Getting to the Point, and Perseverance, are also described by Rick Short.

Extension professionals believe that helping those in their locale is their 1st priority. Thus, Extension professionals often question the usefulness of their online work to their local audiences because their audience may not 1) know how to find it or 2) have Internet access. These concerns are valid.

However, I truly believe if Extension professionals blog for their local audience, the word of their work will spread and their efforts will be found and shared locally. Furthermore, not being afraid to show their personality through their blog will enhance and maintain their identity and relationships with their local audience. A great side of effect of blogging is that the rest of world also reads and learns from our experts in Extension.

In blogging, showing your personality and sharing your passion is expected so don't be afraid to show off!

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