Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Post your quick ideas: Betterific

I  am not sure how I came upon Betterific, but like many online apps, I signed up, browsed a bit and tried it.

Betterific which is in Beta provides opportunities for one to post ideas. It is easy and can be tied to Twitter and Facebook. Betterific asks: "Wouldn't it be better if ..."

Betterific asked me about one of my ideas: A  "like" button for email in a blog post.

Betterific is fun to post an idea, especially when you are in a frustrating moment and think, "this would be easier if..." Ideas can be upvoted and commented on.

Additionally, it is interesting to see what others are thinking. 

Check if, just for fun.


Bob Bertsch said...

Thanks for the post, Anne. I signed up for Betterific, now I just need an idea.
I am intrigued by the "campaigns" the site is running for brands and products. It could be a really effective way of crowdsourcing improvement.

Unknown said...

Bob, I post ideas when I am in a middle of something and whatever I am doing is not working well.

It is quite possible, the idea will come to you when you are immersed in frustration :)

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