Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walk the talk

JetBlue tests the social media credibility of ad agencies vying for its accountI am astonished that more companies don't do this, but not surprised that ad agencies think it is stupid. 

Over the last two years, I have had a few occasions to check out some ad agencies and their social media efforts. It was frustrating to see several agencies sell their social media services but not use social media in their own business. 

Ad agencies who offer social media service but don't use social media is evident that those companies dont understand the value of participation and sharing openly.
In the few times someone has approached me saying they are a social media expert, I do these things:
  • Twitter search
  • Google search
  • Facebook search 
  • LinkedIn Search
  • Klout score
  • Other searches, depending on the "expertise" area
None of these searches tell the whole story but they serve as surface efforts to distinguish if someone or some company is blowing smoke. One may have a low Klout score and not use Twitter much, but should be represented somewhere. After a surface search and before making a decision, more evaluation is needed. 

Companies offering social media services should have a presence in social media. The comment that indicates that one would not search for a future wife on Twitter (he might be surprised how often that has actually happened) makes me laugh. Jet Blue was not looking for a wife; they were looking to hire someone to handle business for them. Where do people look for future wives? Social media is one place to look; of course, there are others.

Where do you look for future business partners? You go where they should be doing business and where they have relationships built. You want to see them successful in that space. 

Regardless of your business, walk the talk. If you are a fitness trainer, you should be healthy. If your business is a source for customer service, then you better offer great customer service. If you offer social media services, then you should be in the social media space.

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