Sunday, November 9, 2008

The passing of a leader in the Auburn community

Last night, Virgil Starks died unexpectedly.

Virgil's university title was Senior Associate Athletic Director, Student Services. He also was Auburn Junior High PTA President, a Sunday School teacher, and a former board member to the Lee County Red Cross. He is survived by his wife, Donna, and 3 daughters.

I have known Virgil through church, kids' ball teams, dance classes, gymnastics, PTA, and work.

Whenever I saw Virgil, he always had a friendly, firm handshake. At ball games, he encouraged the kids; he was never critical to his girls or anyone else on field.

At work, Virgil challenged conventional and traditional thinking, sometimes becoming an irritant to those who had to deal with his outspoken and zealous stance.

There were only two instances where I stood on the opposite side from Virgil --it was not fun. Though the issues ended in "my favor", Virgil's resolve helped me improve the way I communicated, the policies I advocated, and the decisions I made.

By standing up for the "little guy", the unpopular, and the disadvantaged, Virgil challenged us to be more emphatic, understanding, and giving.

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AsimAli said...

I had the chance of working with him this past year. He was truly a kind person, someone that those around him could look up to for guidance. He will be missed dearly.

Unknown said...

Yes, Virgil will definitely be missed. He was a very happy person and he leaves behind a sweet wife and kids.

Since I had the privilege of knowing Virgil in several different roles, I must say he was a many of purposes. He supported and loved student athletics like he did his own family. He loved and supported his family and church.

He also challenged us in our work roles making us all better professionals.

Thanks for your comments.

And may Virgil's family and friends find comfort and peace from each other.

Davis said...

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