Monday, November 17, 2008

25 tools every learning professional should have

During the Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations online conferenceJane Hart presented 25 Tools Every Learning Professional Should Have.

She developed this list of 25 FREE tools by asking others what their favorites are in the Directory of Tools Index.

The top 25 free tools are:

  1. Firefox --browser plus much more
  2. delicious --social bookmarks
  3. Google Reader --RSS Reader
  4. Gmail --email
  5. Skype --instant messenger and voice call tool
  6. Google calendar --keep calendar and share events online
  7. Google Docs --online office suite
  8. iGoogle --aggregate all resources in one place
  9. Slideshare --share presentations
  10. Flickr --share images and photos
  11. Voicethread --using in presentations and flickr images a collaborative slide show
  12. WordPress --blogging software
  13. Audacity --record and edit audio convert audio files into MP3 podcasts
  14. YouTube --sharing videos
  15. Jing --screen capture and screencasting tools
  16. PBwiki --wiki tool
  17. PollDaddy --polling tool
  18. Nvu --web authoring tool
  19. Yugma --web meeting tool
  20. Ustream --live broadcasting tool
  21. Ning --private social networking tool (create and customized network)
  22. FreeMind --mindmapping tool
  23. eXe --course authoring tool
  24. Moodle --course management system
  25. Twitter --keep in touch with people

These tools are being discussed on the Ning network for the Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008. Tags: ,

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AsimAli said...

Not to "Google-up" your list even more, with Google already have five items, but I also strongly recommend Google Scholar.