Monday, July 14, 2008

Ways to share if you don't have time to comment

I often tell people before they started blogging to:

1. start using a News Reader (Google Reader).

2. start following blogs of interest.

3. comment on good posts by offering your insights and suggestions as a way to practice participation. Learning to comment is an easy way to step yourself into learning to blog.

However, overtime you may find that you don't have time to comment. Chris Brogan offers tips when you find interesting blog posts but don't have time to comment.

  • Bookmark the post in a social bookmarking site (so others might find it).
  • Share it in Google Reader.
  • “Like” it in FriendFeed.
  • Stumble it in StumbleUpon.
  • If it’s *really* good, Digg it.
  • Note it on Facebook.

Don't use these tips as excuse to not comment, but sometimes you simply may not have time. Mark the post in way that it is shared and referenced.

Of Chris' suggestions, I bookmark posts in and/or I share them in Google Reader. Those who follow my bookmarked items in or my shared items in Google Reader or who follow my FriendFeed feeds will see the page I have marked. By bookmarking in one site (Google Reader or and feeding those bookmarks into other sites (FriendFeed), I am giving the choice to my colleagues to choose which way they want to follow my bookmarks.

Sometimes, I also share links via Twitter depending on the topic.

There are probably other ways. What methods do you use to share interesting posts?



Vince Verbeke said...

I store the article or item of interest in an Outlook folder. I come back to it later. Since I'm the editor for my College's IT e-newsletter, I often share them there.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vince for the tip. I wondered how you all kept providing great content and links for your newsletter

brianna said...

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