Friday, July 18, 2008


The attendees of the AUTweetUp were:

@gparmer @bowerep @bowerjb @sailingbo @JenniferRyan @snydess @matt1583 @Tex3911 @BrettPohlman @phunkit @jamersan @lawremc @aafromaa

Tweets about AUTweetUp can be found on Summize.

These folks are from Auburn University: College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension, and the athletic department (well sort of); Office of Communications and Marketing; Natural Resources and Conservation Service; Lee County Red Cross; Jamersan Web design; and an Auburn University student.

Several people could not join us so I hoping in the upcoming weeks that someone will announce another AUTweetUp which will help us expand our group and let us get to know each other better.

This kind of gathering is always fun and I always learn something.

Maybe next time hopefully we can meet in a place where people can mingle more.

In addition meeting socially, what if also we meet for a cause, like a blood drive TweetUp? I am sure @JenniferRyan and others would help us identify an existing blood drive. We could publicize the blood drive in the ways we know how: personally, Facebook, blogs, radio, etc. And, of course we would also donate. This is not my original idea...they already did this in Austin, TX

I don't usually think "out loud" on my blog, but here is an idea I am throwing out.


Anonymous said...

I agree...the lunch table doesn't lend itself to very much mingling. TweetUp-for-a-cause sounds like a great idea!

Unknown said...

Love the blood drive thing and I can definitely set that up. That was a great thought!

Also, maybe we can have a private lunch somewhere more quiet. For example, my office has a large meeting room and I could have something brought in and we just all split the cost.

Vince Verbeke said...

If you have the TweetUp in a conference room, you could add remote tweets via Skype, Adobe Connect, or [insert tech here]. Not quite the same as being there. But even if you get the voice to put to a tweeter userid, that's more of a connection.

My 2 cents from Penn State.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, sounded like a great meeting.