Saturday, June 14, 2008

15 Minute Showcase on Twitter

At the ACE conference I presented a 15  minute showcase titled, "Working Differently: Using Twitter to Connect and Converse".  We covered a lot of ground in 15 minutes, but still did not covered everything. This post is the outline of the presentation and provides references that I did not get a chance to share.

*Use Twitter to tell what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Reality is that you tell what you are thinking, reading, or questioning.

*Though it sounds dumb, Twitter is a non-intrusive, responsive way to

  • Connect

  • Converse

  • Listen

*Use Twitter to share about yourself, your frustrations, and your funny stories. Though phatic messages are meaningless, they are the messages that overtime create connections with others. 

  • scottfillmer Had a very nice dinner with my wife, relaxing a bit before it gets time to sleep

  • jerobins got coffee and bkfast, done w/ feeds and email, well INBOX One ... gonna start that now

  • jonathan4au Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Let's hope the day doesn't live up to its reputation.

*Share helpful links. Examples of sharing links are: 

*Use Twitter to ask a question. During the breakfast presentation, I was curious about something that the speaker said thus, I did the easiest and quickest thing -- I twittered the Question:  "I am curious. What's the 1st land-grant university?" Here is about one-half of the responses.

  • jasonadamyoung @aafromaa - wikipedia gives you four choices

  • jdorner @aafromaa - Iowa Agricultural Colleg and Model Farm, the predecessor to Iowa State University

  • vcverbeke @aafromaa Iowa State, 1864, from

  • bowerep @aafromaa there are several variable answers to your question. see looks like K-State may be considered the first.
  • Tex3911 @aafromaa wow, I guess that's what I get for only checking wikipedia. Burn.

  • sailingbo @aafromaa Good luck on your showcase! Apparently Mich State was "pioneer" land grant because the rest were then modeled after it. Semantics.

*Some organizations are using Twitter to disseminate information and to listen to their customers.

  • AuburnU See photos from the AU study abroad program in Jordan. Aquatic, camels, & more:

  • RedCross map of disaster response ops

  • Birmingham_News More: Plan for first commercial development at Grand River project in Leeds wins planning panel.

  • zappos Just finished lunch w/ CEO of UPS talking about future partnership opportunities w/ Zappos. Great meeting, they are great partners of ours!

*Twitter has been used in emergency situations.

*Several applications are available to make Twitter easy, pervasive, but not intrusive. A few are:

*Several other useful Twitter tools are available. My favorite tools are:

*Useful Twitter resources Tags:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, wasn't some real profound statement but it was what I was doing at the time :)

Great all around post on Twitter, I have added it to my starred items that show up on the bottom of my blog, thanks.

Unknown said...

Hey Scott,

I did not talk about each of these Twitter messages, but I did mention yours. I specifically said something along the lines that

"I don't really care that Scott had dinner with his wife. However, overtime phatic messages like this help us get know others. Who knows I might even meet Scott Fillmer one day."

It was fun talking about the "dumbest application ever" and how Twitter is able to serve in some useful ways.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your presenation Anne! Going to try this twitter stuff too. Looking into starting up some sort of blog for UNL Extension.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple - Twitter is the useless bastard son on Web 2.0,

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous - takes one to know one. Twitter may not be your cup of tea, but it is far from useless.

Anonymous said...


Twitter's only as useful as you make it. For me, it's made areas of my life more interesting and helped me meet and connect with a ton of really great people that I would have never known otherwise.

Scott Snyder said...


I agree with Bo. It's just as useful as you make it. For me, I think it's just fun to see the posts.

I just looked it up......over 1 million users.

Pretty good for a useless app.

Vince Verbeke said...


I've never been one to "feed the trolls" as it were, but in this case, my comment to you...

Plain and simple - Anonymous posters are the useless bastards of Web 2.0.