Friday, May 2, 2008

Is Twitter the Facebook for Fogeys?

Mark Federman, keynote speaker at the NETC08 conference, asked the question has Twitter become the Facebook for fogeys? 

I agree with Jason Young who commented on Mark's post, of the NETC08 attendees, I am not sure that Twitter has a predominance. However, there was a greater enthusiasm this year about Twitter than at last year's conference.

Several college students from Auburn University and University of Georgia are using Twitter because Robert French (Auburn University) and Karen Russell (University of Georgia) use Twitter in their public relations classes. Since January, I have observed a significant increase of Twitters from Auburn, AL. The newest Twitter adopters seem to be both fogeys and of college age. I have personally had more success in convincing the working crowd to use Twitter than I have had convincing high school and college students to use Twitter which makes me believe that Mark's observation is similar to my observation.

I would love to hear what these students think. Have these public relations students encouraged others to use Twitter? What are their opinions about the use of Twitter? Is Twitter the social network for the older crowd, like Facebook is the social network for the college age? If so, why? Tags: ,,



Janyne Kizer said...

I like your "fogey" tag!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. Might as well tag it with something I can remember.

Anonymous said...

oh, good, now see, I feel old using Twitter now. My son doesn't use it, but I do, not sure if that adds to your "fogie" theory or not, but I like it.

Unknown said...

Scott, it is the same in my family. Since I have my Twitter messages update my Facebook status, my kids, at least, can see what I am doing.

My oldest seems to think Twitter to me and is the same as Facebook is to her. She agrees with Mark Federman question/comment.

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