Saturday, March 15, 2008

Youth and their expectations of content on the Internet

On Friday night (March 14, 2008), as I was excitedly explaining how amazing it was that, within 40 minutes of the storm, a Wikipedia article on the tornado that hit the Georgia Dome had already been created

I was also excited that someone took notice of my generic wow problems at the Georgia Dome Twitter message enough to start investigating.

My two youngest children were unimpressed. One said, "Oh Mom, you are such a nerd."

The other said, "That's not so great. Are you kidding me? Mom, do you know how many people are on the Internet? Of course, there is information on the Internet."

Their reactions really explain the expectation of instant communication. And why not? Look at how many people are on the Internet.

I am asking the questions again.

Are we ready to deal with the expectation of instant information, or the expectation to generate close to real-time information?

Are we able to generate content that is available in a variety of technologies?

Are we ready to quickly react to information and opinions that individuals generate about our content and our organizations? 

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