Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A young humble hero

This story was originally reported in articles, Auburn student honored for bravery in Opelika-Auburn News and Rep. Mike Rogers honors AU student for heroic act in Wire Eagle ,and is paraphrased below.

Yesterday, Congressman Mike Rogers presented Auburn University student Daniel Brinson with commendation of bravery. In September 2007, Daniel and his friend, Terrell Webb, encountered a car accident and tried to save people in the burning cars.

Daniel, a former volunteer firefighter, said "You just can't pass burning cars and not stop. You just can't."

They were too late to help some of the victims. However, they heard screams from one vehicle. Putting their own lives at risk, they pulled a young lady trapped in one of the burning cars. Daniel said, "And I knew it was more important for her to live and go on than myself."

The young lady later told Daniel's family how someone was looking out for her and how she was meant to live her life for her little one at home. Since the accident, she has started rehabilitation and is enrolled in a community college.

During Monday's presentation, Congressman Mike Rogers said, "Anytime we see extraordinary bravery, we should acknowledge it."

Yes indeed, we need to recognize these young men's efforts and bravery. We also need to hear stories like these so we can be inspired. We need to hear them so we stop to appreciate those who put their own lives ahead of others.

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