Monday, January 7, 2013


It did not dawn on me until I read a tweet that said something like " I want Notre Dame to win because I don't want the SEC to win another championship" why I have struggled with this game.

I have ties to both Alabama and Notre Dame. For goodness sake, I live in the state of Alabama and work for Auburn University. My nephew has a degree from Notre Dame.

Put this in perspective: in about an hour Notre Dame and University will be playing for the NCAA National Football Championship (Division I).

One of the most talked about titles about this game is Cousins vs. Catholics. UGH REALLY!

I hate categorizations. Period. I do it my mind. Many categorized because they want to make sense of a complex world but I hate categorizations and chastise myself when I do.

I have until this point not chosen a favorite--the team I want to win tonight--or the team I want to lose.

In 2010, Auburn University won the National Championship. It was so much fun to watch Auburn play. It was fun to watch Cam Newton thrill us. And before the Cam Newton controversy started, this video of the quarterback who loved helping kids was produced. This video about the influence for kids who need an influence:

Prior to the Bama game, SEC championship, and National Championship in 2010, there was much hate on Twitter,  Facebook, and blogs gainst Auburn and Cam Newton. Crazy as it seems, a man allegedly poisoned our beautiful oak trees. The controversy and the hatred made me realize that I am better than that! And so is most everyone else!
It was back in 2010 that I vowed to myself to

  • be for something or for someone; 
  • not be against an organization and not against a particularly person.

The politics in the US have become polarized and unproductive mostly because more about being against the liberals or against the conservatives, and not for what individuals believe in. The Obama and now Boehner (during the election is was Obama vs. Romney) hatred is disgusting to me.

  • We have the freedom--express your views. 
  • We have leaders in this country--respect them. 
  • We have different views in this country--learn from them. 
  • Pray or give positive thoughts toward leadership.
  • Know that being against a person or an organization will not lead to long term productive results.

Off of my podium: here is my thought about the game.

This game tonight is fun and is important for the pride of winning. I hope I see a hard fought ballgame that signifies that each team deserves to be there.

Additionally, I hope that all athletes and coaches show their abilities and meet their potential and give to their communities because they have great opportunities to do so.

May the best team win! And afterwards, many benefit from the participation of college athletes.

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Unknown said...

Already someone on Twitter has said "It is a free country and I can be for or against anyone/anything."

OK I will agree to that...

But really, I want to see solutions!