Friday, June 8, 2012

Something stinks (or is mediocre)

Kwality RoundupIn this post called Reality Management, common problems in practice in a  restaurant, and in business, are described.
  • Distracted Leader 
  • Ambiguity 
  • Aimless Direction 
  • Something Stinks
The last point stuck out to me as something we often overlook when we talk about marketing, online content, and our organization's work. If something stinks, or if we are mediocre and are so very general that we are like everyone else, flashing how good we are means nothing, or at least very little.

In the reality restaurant example, the offensive odor maybe spoiled fruit. Is our content is stale or so old and general it gives even a mild offensive odor? Is the odor the carpet? Is the writing and presentation just bad or boring?

We can create a fantastic meal but if the stale odor permeates the experience, then the meal is not enjoyed or or the customer just walks away.

Heaven forbid that the meal itself stinks.

I don't think everything, or even most of what we do, we do stinks--far from it. But, when our redundant and stale content gets seen over the good and excellent content, we create unpleasant environment, and we lessen our credibility.

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