Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Agriculture and Social Media Web Conference Summary

As a special topic for Cooperative Extension, eXtension hosted a special topic professional development web conference on January 21, 2010 on the use of social media in the agriculture industry. The purpose of this conference is to provide examples of how social media is being used in agriculture. The recorded session, the presenters’ presentations, the conference chat, and tweets associated with the conference are available.

Here is a summary of points made by the presenters:

  • Go where the people are.
  • Simplify the message…improve your writing and don’t use agriculture production jargon.
  • Write for the search engines.
  • Engage the public and target audience by using various methods, responding to questions and comments on Twitter, creating contests, and interesting and humorous videos.
  • Target your audience.
  • Meet the needs of target audience.
  • Use and integrate various online approaches.
  • Use the tools, particular mobile devices, for efficiency and increase opportunities.
  • Create a strategy: defining objectives, audiences, tools, and content. Market the tool, stay true to the objectives, and evaluate the results.
  • Empower others to use social media.
  • Use common sense blending professional and personal life online.
  • “Jump in -- the water is warm”. Carrie Oliver

The presenters described things they have learned through social media and ways that and moments or indicators that their use of success are meeting their own goals and objectives.

  • People appreciate information and knowledge transferred about production and process, educational efforts, and hearing what is going on the farm.
  • Feedback comes through comments, responses, and direct communication.
  • Web traffic increased after employing social media.
  • The connections made through social media are sometimes surprising and reach world-wide.
  • Learning and education is two-way opportunity.
  • Twitter is fun.
  • Social media (in particular, Twitter) is fun.


Ag and Social Media January 21 Recording

Slideshare site for presentations:

Tweets captured from the January 21 conference

All presentations, chat, and tweets

My notes from each of the presenters.


Sam said...

Thanks for that summary. It's nice to know that they talked about agriculture and social media in that conference.

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John said...

Our participation is needed so we can solve any issues regarding the agriculture. I like the idea of using social media.

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George Murphy said...
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Anonymous said...

Web conference is a good way in promoting your business. Even the advertising agencies in new york use this technique to gain and build relationship with their customers.

Jeremy Moller said...

Social media offers big help in a lot of sectors, particularly in terms of publicity, advertising and promotion. We should utilize this tool and use it for constructive purposes and not for tearing down one party.

Erin Timothy said...

It's a wise utilization of social media. It has a world-wide reach that influences everyone, thus, a perfect tool for promotion. This is why business and marketing sectors use social media to succeed in their goals.

Maddison Crossley said...

"Go where people are" is a perfect reason to use social media. People are online - that's where you need to go. I would say, this is a wise utilization of social media. It's even used for advertising and digital marketing, because of its worldwide coverage. It's effective and fun at the same time, so there's no reason for businesses NOT to use it.

Andrew William said...

Twitter is definitely fun, I would prefer it than Facebook. Twitter also is better for announcements if you're on the business platform. It just looks more formal than other social networking sites. Simple, concise and direct to the point.

Vivian Clauson said...

The points presented can be used even in other fields, the difference is the method you want to use for your audience. Social media is now the best medium to reach all ages, so I hope more ages would also get interested in agriculture.

Maya Bull said...

I do agree with what Dianne said, aside from the knowledge that one can get from that webinar, it also promotes your business as well. Ideas from webinars are great help to look for fresh and new ideas for marketing strategies.

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Those who attended this conference and seminar must have learned a lot while networking their products to other groups and organizations.

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