Thursday, October 23, 2008

Google Docs Guide

Amit Agarwal created "Google Docs Guide: How to do Stuff with Google Docs". Some topics covered in this tutorial are:

  • How to upload all your Microsoft Office documents from the desktop on to Google Docs
  • How to associate the common Office file extensions like doc/xls/ppt with Google Docs so that desktop documents open directly in the web browser
  • How to download all documents from Google Docs locally and burn them on to a CD
  • How to add watermarks (like PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL, etc.) to your Google Documents
  • How to translate documents in Google Docs to another language
  • How to track who read the document and when
  • How to know when people open your Google Documents
  • What more creative uses of Google Docs
  • What are some desktop applications that work with Google Docs

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