Friday, September 19, 2008

Why use social media in Extension

This week, Rhonda Conlon and I presented a poster session, Social Media in Extension, at Galaxy III which is a professional development conference for Extension Professionals.

In addition to the poster, we also provided a guide to help Extension professionals begin to use social media. The outline is here:

1 A Beginners Guide to Using Social Media in Extension

The guide is a wiki that can be edited by any Extension professional. Please help us improve this document.

Why Social Media
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John Dorner said...

The link to the Beginners Guide is:

Unknown said...

Thanks John for pointing out that the outline links did not work. Apparently, the copy and paste from the wiki did not work as expected. Anyway, the outline links are all working now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this post. I plan on "borrowing" this as an outline for a 15 minute presentation I'll be doing at this year's tech showcase.

Unknown said...

Thanks Brian. I love it when we use each other's writing, ideas, and pages. The poster is built for 4 ft X 4 ft and is available . You could probably adjust it for another size, but that editing it may take some work.

The beginner's guide is a wiki so feel free to edit it.

By the way, Rhonda and I had a lot fun working on this together. The poster session itself was the best one I have presented thus far.

Emily said...

Great resource. This post was especially helpful. we're using your blog for quite a bit about social media lately. A colleague and I presented something very similar at the Garden Writers Association symposium this weekend.

Unknown said...


It's always a good feeling to know that others find our materials helpful. Thanks for the comment!