Monday, October 8, 2007

eLearning Conference--Online, of course

Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations is a free online learning conference, registration is required, scheduled for November 15-20. I like the fact that they are using open technologies to talk about elearning. This is an indication that they understand learning and opportunities of open environments.

I have been wanting to get a better grasp of trends and changes of elearning, particularly within organizations. This conference, hopefully, will give me that opportunity.

My only problem is that I have a conflict on the first day of the conference. Since the sessions will be recorded, I can catch up by watching the recordings.

The conference details are being organized in the
wiki. You, too, can contribute to the list of discussion topics

Target attendees: Corporate leaders, directors, chief learning officers, trainers, and consultants
Why: To discuss the directions and innovations in corporate learning
Dates: November 15-20, 2007
How: Speakers will present live --online (all sessions will be recorded). Attendees will form connections and exchange ideas through online forums

Thanks to
Tony Karrer for publicizing this conference.

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