Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My blog has a name: Anne's Spot

My blog finally has a name: Anne's Spot for Anne's Stories, Perceptions, Observations, and Thoughts on People, Behavior, and Change. I originally used aafromaa as the title because I could not could up with anything particularly creative and I thought I wanted to stay anonymous.

I quickly gave up on being anonymous because if I wanted to share and others share with me, then they needed to know I was a legitimate professional whose knowledge and opinions are relevant. Having an online identity is important.

Most of my professional friends know me as someone in technology. So why am I writing about many different topics--not just technology? I have an interest in many areas beyond technology. I write about people because those who have demonstrated courage, leadership, innovativeness, and perseverance are fascinating.

I write about technology too. Technology solutions are really about creating solutions for people. My interest lies in how and why people respond to different situations and how and why they adopt technologies. Why do some people adopt technologies more readily than others? The decision-making process for adoption of technology is similar to other kinds of decision-making. In my dissertation research I used an established research methodology for assessing people's decision making processes in health behavior change (like eating better, exercising more) to that of adopting technologies.

Like most Extension professionals I am passionate about helping people, thus I will continue to give tips on using technologies. My posts will not always be about technologies. But, my posts will always be about people.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments in the chat during the seminar! I'm enjoying your blog! Your thoughts on being anonymous are good .. and a counterpoint to a discussion about this going on in the foundation funders world.